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'Project management' can be applied to a range of ventures – not all of which are relevant to MFG’s core business or skill sets. So what DO we do? In the broadest terms, we apply our diverse knowledge, experience, tools and techniques to a range of activities tailored to meet the requirements of particular media projects. By ‘project’ we mean any short term communication activity undertaken to achieve a particular aim. If it involves sound, vision or the written word, we have the skills or the contacts to deliver it.

  • Production – of everything from full length broadcast documentary series to short DVDs or web streamed video. We can arrange for production of video news releases, promotional films, advertising trails, information kiosks, internal communication messages or training films. MFG is able to offer the use of a production studio, casting studio and edit suites, dubbing and multimedia compression services, equipment and camera crew hire. For further information about any of these facilities, or to have an informal discussion about your requirement, see Video Production or email
  • PR – as a standalone service or to augment an existing resource. We operate by offering a no-cost initial discussion to identify your requirement and establish whether MFG is able to help. Our services range from ad hoc consultancy to enduring support to develop strategy, identify tactics and facilitate delivery. MFG is able to offer a comprehensive range of services co-ordinated by a member of the CIPR and executed by experienced specialists. For further information about any of these services, or to have an informal discussion about your requirement, see About Us or email
  • Journalism – yes, we CAN be poachers as well as game keepers! Sceptical? You needn’t worry. MFG’s like-minded partners all pursue independent assignments that reflect their personal interests and concerns. These include a number of charities. Our pledge is never to exploit the confidentiality of our corporate customers. We undertake freelance writing, photographic and photojournalism assignments in the UK and overseas, drawing on in-house resources and the services of a wide range of talented freelance writers and photographers. .For further information about any of these services, or to have an informal discussion about your requirement, see About Us or email
  • Event management - as part of a PR package where clients want to offer a small media facility, or as the facilitating organisation for major entertainment displays or events, MFG can deliver. To find out more email
  • Websites – are the window on your world. They need to be fit for purpose - whatever it is. Fast and flashy? Safe and secure? Traditional or original? Do you want production and management, or creation of a content managed system that can be populated in-house? Have you considered your audience; are they visually impaired, non-English speakers, young or old, IT-literate or web-phobic? And does your site aspire to be compliant with Government protocols? To discuss contact
  • Publications - whether it's business cards, calendars , CD inserts, posters, brochures, compliments slips or stationery, MFG can advise and provide. We are keenly priced and committed to fast turnaround times. Our products can incorporate your own logo or brand livery, if you have it; alternatively we can apply our creative team to the task of producing one for you. We won't charge an arm and a leg - but we will ensure that your carefully crafted logo works in all media formats!
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